Oxygen, “The Giver of Life”

Oxygen is the “life giver.” Life demands heat and we cannot have heat without oxygen.  Every faculty of the body must have oxygen, particularly the brain – the most active part of the body vibratoryily.  The brain requires more than four times as much oxygen as the rest of the body to repair and rebuild tissues.  Additionally, it takes four times as long to break that oxygen down, but it is also one of the great oxygen-holding organs in the body.  The oxygen, of course, is coming through the lung structure, requiring us to have good lungs.  We must also have a good brain to have good lungs; they work hand in hand.

How Oxygen Works

Oxygen builds the efficiency of the medulla oblongata, the chest brain, to improve respiration.  The medulla is a phosphorus/sulphur organ, also needing plenty of iodine.  (Generally, sulphur, phosphorus, and manganese are the brain elements along with oxygen.)

The body requires sufficient heat for various reasons.  It is necessary to burn off waste material and eliminate toxic conditions, a process impossible without oxygen.

A slow-burning process called metabolism is ongoing in the body.  Anabolism (building) and catabolism (destroying) are combined to make up metabolism.  Anabolism breaks down foods so that it may be assimilated for tissue building, repair, and fuel for running the human machine.  Catabolism follows, breaking down the toxic waste material and worn out waste material to prepare it for excretion.  As tissue and cells disintegrate, they are broken down into various acids and by-products carried off by the body’s elimination channels.  Our bodies are constantly “on fire” so to speak, at a temperature of 98.6°F, whether we are at the Equator or the North Pole.  Regulated a good deal by oxygen intake, the temperature should remain uniform.  Additionally, oxygen is vitally important to hematin and hemoglobin, constituents of the blood.

With insufficient oxygen, we tend to have difficulty accomplishing tasks; we lack enthusiasm.  Sociability requires a good oxygen supply, for when you’re oxygenated, you’re vivacious.  A person lacking oxygen carries grudges and tends to hold onto feelings for weeks.

The Chi Machine helps your body oxygenate every cell more effectively and efficiently.  Your body is composed of about seventy billion cells, each of which is similar to a tiny chemical factory.  Each and every cell functions by carrying out a variety of chemical reactions inside of itself.  All of these chemical reactions require the presence of oxygen.  Use of the Chi Machine stimulates and improves the functioning of your body’s cells by increasing the presence of oxygen.

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