Using the ERE if You Suspect Parasites…

We suggest to anyone who has or suspects they have parasites to use the Electro Reflex Energizer (ERE) for seven days consecutively.  The reason for this is that different parasites have different life cycles, different longevity, different hatching schedules and so on.  One full week of use should be sufficient for combating each of these differences.

Mode 1 has a frequency of 105 megahertz; it is comparable to a big bug zapper because bugs cannot exist at that frequency.  There is a device called the “Zapper” that was developed by Hulda Clark, author of the book “A Cure For All Cancers.”  It’s because they cannot exist at that frequencies.  There are devices that people can buy that have a sound frequency that will kill many other insects in their homes – and that too, is a frequency.

The ERE just simply allows our body to absorb the frequency of 105 megahertz on Mode 1 and that deletes a lot of parasites, bacteria, fungus, and viruses.  I suggest five minutes in each mode to start out with.

Depending on the body size, you could do it one or more times a day.  People can also hold their pets on their lap or they can hold their small infants, but I think the five minutes is a nice thing to start out with because you are working with conduction and the nervous system and the muscular system.  It’s a nice slow process to also dump toxins.


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