Chi Energy Benefits and Children

There are specific benefits from the use of the Chi Machine and HotHouse that fit well with a child’s therapy.  The use of the equipment is helpful within the therapy clinic as well as in home program.  The following areas targeted by this therapy:

Self Regulation:

The ability to be calm during changing demands of the environment.  Many children have difficulties with this.  Diagnoses in particular that might have remarkable issues are:

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Sensory Defensiveness and Anxiety Disorder

Before a child can progress to refined motor skills and relate to the world, that child needs to know how to calm him/herself.  For some children this is one of their main challenges and can be a roadblock to friendships, family relations, and participation of self-care.

The Chi Machine consistently and quickly (within 5-10 minutes) calms and relaxes a nervous, distracted or overly active child.  If done as part of the bedtime routine, it can help poor sleepers get to sleep quicker and stay asleep.  We consistently see it help a child shift from distress to calm.

Stress is a big issue for many of the children with special needs.  Stress occurs when you cannot meet the demands of the environment.  When you have troubles talking or it is hard to dress yourself because your eyes and hands don’t do what you want them to do, or it is hard to attend to what people say, or it is not easy to use your muscles, or when your body misunderstands the sensory experiences – this mounts a stress.

Stress gets in the way of digestion, sleep, interaction and health, to name a few.  The Chi Machine is a quick way to help change the stress chemistry into relaxation chemistry.  What a great tool it is for the whole family!  Stress is very high in families dealing with special needs children.  So with one tool we find the child is less stressed, the family is less stressed and the whole family unit is healthier.  We know how important it is to breathe and breathe deeply.  Many children with special needs do not take deep breaths because they are so tight in the rib cage.  This affects their ability to stay calm and focused.  The Chi Machine’s ability to mobilize the trunk and relax the child increases deeper breathing.

Mobility:  The elongation of muscles & increased movement within the joints.

Stress causes tight muscles.  Those tight muscles then feed into the whole stress pattern, but certain diagnoses like cerebral palsy, stroke, etc., may have very tight muscles that don’t elongate easily on their own.  The Chi Machine is excellent for mobilizing gently and effortlessly.  As we watch the children on the machine, we can see the feet relax, the legs, the trunk, the shoulders, the neck.  One young man was a head trauma victim.  His accident had happened several years before we saw him at the clinic, he was in a wheelchair and had limited movement and his muscles could not be stretched easily.  It was very hard for him to transfer out of the wheelchair.  Consistently after using the Chi Machine it took less adult assistance and he was far more independent in moving his body.

Fibromyalgia patterns can be greatly improved with the Chi Machine.  It relaxes painful muscles, enhances sleep and helps with postural alignment.  With the mobilization comes improvement in bowel patterns of constipation.

Rhythmicity – The internal and external rhythm.

The repetitive rhythm of the Chi Machine has helped some children move their bodies more smoothly and rhythmically.  Their coordination gets better for many reasons.  They are more relaxed, their bodies are more mobile, and they have a slower internal rhythm.  We have seen children with very fast irregular rhythm in their speech get on the Chi Machine and watch their speech slow to a normal cadence and flow.  For one particular child, he developed better communications skills.  His stories had good sequence and he was using more sophisticated language!

In general, The Chi Machine and HotHouse have been great tools for use in the clinic and home!


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