Using FIR Technology for Heat Therapy

The normal temperature of your body is 98.6 – at times, such as when we are fighting off an infection, our body temperature rises, and this is no accident.  Several studies have found that artificial mimicking of this natural response in the body by using radiant heat has many protective and healing effects.

Heating the body between 105.8 – 118.4 is called hyperthermia.  A very safe and efficient way of heating the body to this precise temperature is through the use of Far Infrared Rays (FIR).  FIR is a type of radiant energy that is similar to sunlight and is well beyond the ability of the naked eye to see.  FIR is capable of penetrating beneath the skin’s surface, where it gently elevates the body’s temperature as it is absorbed.

Over the last ten years, many studies have discovered that raising the temperature in the entire body (whole –body-hyperthermia) can increase the effectiveness of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and irradiation (Sagowski et al., 2002).  Treatments such as irradiation and chemotherapy are designed to destroy rapidly reproducing cells, but can also harm the bone marrow and its ability to produce white blood cells (key components of the immune system).  A study conducted on mice by Zaidi and colleagues (2002) suggests that whole –body-hyperthermia helps to regulate the immune cells.  Even if you are healthy, you have abnormal cells in your body and your immune system is hard at work identifying and destroying this dangerous tissue.  With diseases such as cancer, the immune system is unable to keep up with the growth rate of these mutated cells.  Hyperthermia has been shown to produce a type of “heat-shock proteins” that mark tumors as invaders, assisting the immune system in indentifying abnormal tissue. (Sagowski et al., 2002)

Hyperthermia also has a powerful effect on the circulatory system.  In response to the increase temperature, blood vessels in the body expand, allowing circulation to increase (Sagowski et al., 2002).  This allows the blood to inundate each cell with nutrients and vital oxygen.  Once in the cell, nutrients and oxygen are converted to energy.  Exposure to FIR can increase the body’s energy reserve and enhance metabolism.  Just as it brings nutrients and oxygen, increased circulation also enhances the removal of toxins and waste products from the cell.  For example, when your muscles do not receive enough oxygen, they produce lactic acid and you may experience this as soreness.  FIR therapy has been shown to relieve minor aches and pains associated with muscle and bone.

The results of FIR are phenomenal, as heat therapy can enhance the immune system, increase blood flow and oxygenation, relieve minor aches and pains and help to eliminate toxins.  Do you want to experience these benefits for yourself?  HTE currently has two affordable products that maximize FIR technology.  The HotHouse’s specially designed dome-shape and multifaceted acute-angled silicon surface maximizes the radiant heat absorbed by the user.  This product is perfect for comfortably heating the entire body! InFrared Pad is designed to be used anywhere and anytime.

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