What is Vibrational Medicine?

Usually when people hear the word “vibration” they often think of something “out there” or “airy fairy,” because we have been taught to see things on a physical level.  Modern medicine is based in chemistry, but when we look at vibration it is based more at the level of physics.

The human body is an organism composed of various systems.  These systems are made up of organ groupings.  The organs are composed of tissue.  The tissue is made up of cells.  The cells are composed of compounds.  The compounds are made up of molecules, and those molecules, comprising everything within our bodies, are made up of atoms.  Remember this from primary school?

An atom contains a nucleus full of protons and neutrons.  Orbiting the nucleus are electrons.  The spin of these electrons is what gives a substance its vibrational frequency.

No two substances on the planet have the exact electronic spin (vibration).  Our bodies recognize substances based on their atomic structure and/or vibration (frequency).

Vibrational medicine is resonance medicine.  Here is a simple and familiar experiment that demonstrates resonance:  if you have two grand pianos in a room and you strike a chord on one of the pianos, and then lift the lid on the second grand piano, you will see that the same chord is vibrating on the second grand piano.  This is “resonance.”  Two things resonate if they contain the same vibrational factors.  Have you ever used or heard the term, “I really resonated with him/her/that?”

There are specific studies showing the frequency of healthy tissue verses diseased tissue, and much has been documented on the subject.

Through testing modalities, we are able to see what substances “resonate” with the body.  These can be microbes such as viruses which have set up camp, and are supported within the diseased body.  Or, it might be a nutritional substance that the body resonates with that could help return it to its natural state of health.

Energetic medicine is just that – a way of tapping into the body to see the factors needed to bring it back to a state of health.

Vibrational Medicine is the foundation of BioEnergetic Medicine.

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