Hydrate and Restore Intestinal Harmony

One of the most prevalent conditions that many people seek help from practitioners is their experience with constipation. When a patient seeks help for other conditions, many times a contributing or even a predominant factor in their illness is a sluggish bowel.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), practitioners understand the importance of how energy, or Qi (pronounced chee), is moving in the body. If Qi is misdirected or is under or over active, the TCM practitioner supports the body with herbs to regain energetic balance. Common symptoms of disharmony of large intestine Qi are constipation, lumbago, severe thirst, abdominal pain, and poor circulation.

TMC utilizes the centuries old formula of Linum and Rhubarb, or Run Chang Wan, to address constipation and moisten the large intestine. Gentle Pathway by Energetix is based on this ancient formula that was historically used to pull water into the bowels and assist to break up stagnation and blockages.  It also contains ingredients used to tonify the liver and kidneys, nourish the blood, and regulate lung heat. Gentle Pathway is concentrated, yet easy to absorb. It offers immediate support in keeping the large intestine open and in harmony.

For more information:  http://files.goenergetix.com/pkg/patient/gentle-pathway.pdf

Gentle Pathway is available at Cleansing Waters 317-259-0796.






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