A Healthy Colon Needs Hydration

The colon needs hydration to start the elimination process. It must flush and process waste matter around the clock. Dedicated and routine morning intake of 12 – 20+ oz of high quality water is vital for proper colon/intestinal function. Fluids need to be ingested little by little around the clock, but morning intake is critical.

Without question caffeine is one of the worst substances you can ever put in your body. Caffeine is a diuretic, and diuretics divert water away from your colon causing your colon to paralyze. With caffeine present, your entire system crashes to rock solid standstill. Do not ever consume caffeine-bearing drinks. You cannot be at your healthiest.

The results of a body deprived of water are obvious: weakness, constipation, sluggish, fatigue, weight gain, increased blood pressure, heart attacks, immune system dysfunction, kidney disorders, diabetes, aches/pains, bad moods, poor skin, poor sleep, insomnia, allergies and more.

Some people wait until their first elimination of the day before they eat anything solid. This is a signal that your digestive tract has caught up on its work. Ideally you should never use something to cause the elimination, as you are masking the problem, and not solving it. This does not mean that there is no application for a good colon formula or herb, but chronic use is never recommended.

Which water? Research has shown that ionized water increasing the hydration ability 6 times, and raises the body’s overall pH while encouraging the elimination process.

Recapping, the colon knows when it is ready to start the day and will signal you via elimination. Drink plenty of alkaline, ionized water to enhance this process.

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