Wheatgrass is a complete super food.  It contains proteins, complex carbohydrates and a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and more than 80 enzymes.

The discovery of its benefits to humans is attributed to Dr. Charles Schnabel, a Kansas City scientist, who fed his own family and neighbors with wheatgrass every time they fell ill.  Their quick recovery encouraged him to do more studies in this area.  His research over the years has gained much respect for wheatgrass as a superfood and a fantastic supplement.

Dr. Ann Wigmore is also credited to have made wheatgrass a health sensation. She faced her own cancer problem using wheatgrass as a primary supplement. Her remarkable recovery encouraged her to put up an institute that uses wheatgrass to help people with various health issues.

Today, the use of wheatgrass as a powerful health drink is well accepted. Juice bars offer wheatgrass as a power drink that is beneficial for many conditions including fatigue, stress and lack of energy.

Dr. Earp Thomas even recommended wheatgrass for external use.  He wrote that wheatgrass can help sores and pimples to heal as well as relieve itching.  He said it helps accelerate wound healing and promotes a youthful skin. 

Why Wheatgrass is good for you…

It is a LIFE-SUSTAINING Complete food.
Whatgrass is a nutrient factory containing protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and more than 80 enzymes.

It is RICH in Chlorophyll.
Chlorophyll is a great internal detoxifier as well as a good support for better oxygenated of cells.

It is loaded with ANTI-OXIDANTS.
Rich in Vitamin C, as well as the enzyme Super oxide dismutase, a highly potent neutralizer of very harmful free radical toxins.

It’s called as the KING of ALKALI FOODS.
Wheatgrass is great at helping balance the pH of the body by neutralizing the growing acidity of system.

A glycoprotein in wheatgrass called P4D1 has been found to stimulate the repair of damaged DNA.

It helps prevent CANCER formation.
Study shows that chlorophyll can inhibit the activity of certain cancer-causing agents, we well as, protect the body from effects of carcinogens.

It assists in WOUND HEALING.
Surgeon Dr. Benjamin Gurskin recommends this for its antiseptic effect on wounds.  It helps deal with certain bacteria and neutralizes the foul odor of certain wounds as well as hasten healing.

It has ANTI-INFLAMMATORY benefits.
Dr. Kubota of Tokyi found two glyco-proteins that alongside SOD to promote a potent  anti-inflammatory effect better than aspirin.

It is rich in ABSCISIC ACID.
Abscisic acid is a plant hormone that makes the immune system recognize cancer cells and kill them.  It also helps prevent cancer cells from invading the body and metastasize.

Dr. Charles Schnabel discovered that 15 pounds of wheatgrass is equivalent to 300 pounds of the choicest vegetables.

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