Stem Cells- Capstone of Wellness

Better Health and Wellness Potential Through Stem Enhance – a New Nutraceutical Product

by Dr. David Darbro

I believe Stem Enhance™ is the capstone of wellness for all of us regardless of age and status of health.

The basis of wellness is founded on the following fact:


We have all observed and validated this fact. We bruise or scratch ourselves and in a few days all evidence of damaged tissue has disappeared without our help. Conclusion: The body has the capacity to renew damaged tissues in order to attain or maintain wellness.  Thus, it is a normal process for the body to heal itself.

How does the body do this?


You may say that a bruise is only a minor injury and within the healing powers of the body but what about serious disorders like paralyzed limbs from spinal cord injuries, or damaged hearts, damaged lungs, or strokes, or diabetes, or multiple sclerosis,  Parkinson’s or osteoporosis, or leukemia or cancer?  Why doesn’t the body heal itself from those afflictions?

To answer that question it is helpful to review recent scientific findings that demonstrate the usefulness of Adult Stem Cells in successfully treating a variety of disorders that were otherwise considered hopeless.

Please go to On the left side click on Stem Cell links.Click on Family Research Council link. Scroll down on the page.  There you will see cases of spinal injury, cardiovascular damage, diabetes, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, eye disorders, etc….. all these otherwise hopeless conditions have responded positively to Adult Stem Therapy.

From these documented cases we learn that it is possible that the lame can walk, the blind can see; the deaf can hear and the infirm can once again be well.  There is hope for all to improve regardless of the disorder.  It is possible to reclaim lost wellness.


Adult Stem Cells are the key to wellness if it has been lost. If Adult Stem Cells are useful in attaining lost wellness, they also are useful in maintaining one’s particular level of wellness.

How can this be?


Let’s rewind your life to the moment of conception.  Let’s go back in our minds to that instant in time when you were conceived.  That moment of time when your father’s DNA married your mother’s DNA as the two information lines intertwined and became one. Unseen thought emerged into reality.  You started out life as a single cell many times smaller than the period at the end of this sentence.  In that cell was contained all the encoded information that nine months later would form a human living baby.  It is humbling to realize that we all began life as a single cell which in reality was the first stem cell of our being.

Each one of us begins life at the moment of conception as a single cell which is the forerunner of all that is to follow. 

Within a short time our original stem cell starts dividing into 2 then 4 then 8 and so on.  Cells begin to divide exponentially according to a plan.  The Author of Life is wonderfully and fearfully knitting us together as the Psalmist describes.  By 4 weeks a heart is formed and begins pumping blood to our little forming body.  Over the next few weeks the brain, liver, pancreas, spleen, thyroid, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, skin, limbs, bones, bone marrow etc are formed until by 9 months we are fully formed and ready to be born. 

It is mind boggling to learn that at birth our bone marrow contains Adult Stem Cells each one with the potential of becoming any cell or tissue our body requires to function in health. These Adult Stem cells are programmed to leave the bone marrow to enter the circulatory system. Their function is to travel through the 60,000 miles of circulatory system looking for cells, tissues and organs in distress.

When you learn that every biological event has a purpose, you begin to be amazed at the beauties and wonderment of life.


Let’s say there are a few cells in the heart that aren’t functioning correctly.

Adult Stem Cells exit the blood stream and enter the tissue that is in distress, in this case the heart.  They attach to the damaged area of the heart and regenerate new fresh cells to replace the poorly functioning damaged cells.  These fresh cells begin to divide and do so until the damaged area of the heart is replaced.  In effect, wellness and wholeness occurs in otherwise damaged and non-optimally functioning tissues.

This knowledge about the ability of the body to renew itself through Adult Stem Cells usage is new and brings wellness into clearer focus and understanding.

It explains why we healed so quickly when we were kids.  At that time Adult Stem Cells could be easily mobilized from the bone marrow to enter the circulatory “highway” to travel to wherever the body was calling for help.

The concentration of Adult Stem Cells in the blood stream is the key to wellness.  The higher the level the more the body can regenerate itself.  The New England Journal of Medicine article in September 8, 2005 (you can review that article on on Stem Cell Links) gave us the insight when they reported on 519 patients with heart disease followed for 1 year.

Conclusion:  The greater the number of Adult Stem Cells in the circulation the less the heart disease.  Said another way, the greater the number of Adult Stem Cells in the circulation the greater the heart health. 

This knowledge applies to the health of the entire body, not just the heart.  The reason is that Adult Stem Cells can become whatever tissue the body needs in order to be well and whole.


The ability of the body to release its Adult Stem Cells from the bone marrow so that they can enter the circulation diminishes with age. This explains why the older we become the slower we heal. 

Remember:  The more Stem Cells in the circulation the healthier we are. 

Question: How can we increase our own circulatory Adult Stem Cell population?  Since most of our Adult Stem Cells are manufactured and stored in our bone marrow, is there a way we can tap into that reservoir of health?

Answer:  YES!!

Through a food extract from the blue green algae plant, Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae (AFA).  AFA is a water botanical, an algae, that contains components that have been scientifically proven to release Adult Stem Cells from human bone marrow. 

It has been proven that an increase in Adult Stem Cell population of 25 to 30% occurs within 30 minutes to an hour of taking 1 gram of a concentrated extract of AFA (2 capsules of Stem Enhance.)  A 30% increase of Adult Stem Cells amounts to around 4 to 5 million Adult Stem Cells.  Since there is an estimated population of 150 million Adult Stem Cells in the average person’s bone marrow a 4 to 5 million release is a small percentage of available Stem cells. 

This patented food is known as Stem Enhance™.  Stem Enhance™ is the only natural stem cell enhancing product on the market today.


From this information we can come to the following conclusions:

Ø  The number of circulating Adult Stem Cells is directly associated to health and wellness.

Ø  Many health challenges can be caused by inadequate numbers of circulating Adult Stem Cells

Ø  The number of circulating Adult Stem Cells can be increased by taking the concentrated food extract of AFA called Stem Enhance™.

Ø  Health challenges may be benefited by taking Stem Enhance™.


Ø  Cost

Ø  Convenience

Ø  Utilizing one’s own personally crafted stem cells from one’s own bone marrow.  

Ø  Avoiding the necessity of having to take a daily dose of an expensive anti-rejection drug having received another person’s Adult Stem Cells.

Many of my thoughts are summarized on


Do you realize that in our millennium a tiny molecular tool has been discovered, a tool hidden inside the cells of an insignificant water plant, a wonderous tool that has the capacity of releasing the treasure of health and wellness stored in our bone marrow?  This simply means Stem Enhance™ through Adult Stem Cell release can regenerate the body’s ability to access and deliver health.    This truth boggles my mind and is worth sharing.

The bottom line for us all is to ask, can our youth be renewed?  Can you and I turn back the clock and regain lost function, vitality and zest?  Is it possible that the bridge between your present health challenges and wellness has been discovered?  Good questions.  Could it be that Stem Enhance™, an algae food is your key to a healthier tomorrow?  There is only one way to know.  Try it for 6 months.  That is 2/3 a normal pregnancy of 9 months.  A lot of rebuilding of your health can occur in that time.


The product may be ordered either retail or wholesale on the internet by going to

Disclaimer:  The concentrated extract of AFA known as Stem ENHANCE™ is not intended to treat, cure, mitigate or to influence disease of any sort. Its purpose is simply to facilitate the release of Adult Stem Cells from the bone marrow that wellness may be enhanced by natural processes.

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