A Good Bra is Your Best Friend

85 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra

When lingerie shopping, most women spend too much time searching for a sexy style instead of the right fit. Unfortunately, a plunging push-up bra may not be the healthiest choice; neither is going without a bra at all.

A poorly fitting bra that (1) gives little or no support, (2) redirects the breast tissue, and (3) impedes circulation and lymphatic drainage can interfere directly with the cellular health of the breasts. A well-fitting bra is the better choice because it can provide better support and control and help you maintain breast health.

What many women don’t realize is that wearing a properly fitted bra not only makes you look good, it keeps your breast healthy. The breast is composed of flesh tissue, milk glands, lymph glands, and tiny capillaries. Because the breast itself has no muscles, with time gravity slowly pulls the tissue downward, resulting in sagging breasts. All breasts eventually give in to gravity, regardless of their size. Clinical experience shows that women who have always worn a good bra do not lose their breast shape.

Measuring up
Most women do not wear the right bra size simply because they haven’t been professionally measured. Having a bra specialist fit you properly should take at least 30 minutes of your time and is a good investment in the future health of your breasts.

Time with a bra specialist can also free you from the self-conscious belief that something is wrong with your size or shape.

Does your bra fit?
A properly fitted bra should not ride up in the back or move around on the body. Straps should not stretch or pull nor should they cut in or cause bruising. The breast should not protrude from around the cup or fall out from underneath.

Most important, your bra should pass the bounce test. If your breasts bounce when you jump up and down in place, you definitely need a more supportive bra.

Do you think you’re wearing the wrong bra? Ask your health professional about how to find a professionally trained bra fitter.

Nancy Spahr is a professionally trained bra fitter who specializes in custom-fitted bras and has become an avid crusader and lecturer on breast health awareness. To schedule an individual appointment or a “Breast Awareness and Bra Clinic”, call 317-259-0796   www.healthybras.com.

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