8 Physical Transformers

Scott Ohlgren, Cellular Cleansing Made Easy coined this phrase. They are simple and yet, invaluable when cleansing and purging the body, both internally and externally.  Each technique keeps the pathways of metabolism open. They get the sludge moving!! So here are the benefits:

• Move Body’s Lymph
• Shorten Flu and Cold Symptoms
• Revitalize Energy
• Lower Stress Level
• Improve Mental Clarity
• Rebalance Inner Terrain

Do One PT each day.
Sweat three times per week for 30 minutes.

1.  Re-hydrating – 1 gallon per day with pure spring water.  At Cleansing Waters we prefer and encourage ionized, alkaline water as it is 6 times more hydrating, contains antioxidants, and is balancing to the body’s pH.

2.  Skin Brushing – Obtain a natural bristle, long handled skin brush and skin brush vigorously before showering, bathing or using a sauna. Skin Brushing rids body of dead skin cells, energizes, loosens the mucus in the body and encourages the lymphatic system to move and cleanse.

3.  Alkalizing Detox Baths – Add one of the following in hottest bath water as possible and soak for 20 minutes. Do them regularly 3 times per week. They are especially hlpful the evening after a colonic session.  Add one to two cups of one of the following:  Raw apple cider vinegar, Epsom Salts, Sea Salt, Baking Soda, Ginger

4.   Rebound Exercises - 10 minutes on a Rebounder or HTE Americas Chi Machine will move that Lymph.

5.   FAR Infrared Sauna - In Sweden, the saying is, “build your house around the sauna.”  Saunas are a way to heat the body’s temperature and allow it to sweat out the excess impurities.  Benefits:  Boosts immune system, restore autonomic nervous system function, shed fat while maintaining lean muscle (burns 600 calories in 30 minutes),  accelerates the removal of toxic heavy metals, lessens kidney and liver load, relaxes muscles, helps with pain from arthritis and sore joints.  Very beneficial for people with skin conditions.  Try Cleansing Waters’ SOQI BED for Ultimate FIR and Chi experience.

6.  Deep Tissue Bodywork – You are looking for bodywork that shakes up the pattern and moves things.

7.   Cardiovascular Work-out – sweat, breathe, sweat, breathe. Remember 30 minutes minimum! Start by walking if you have been too sedatary lately.

8.   Colon Cleansing through Colon Hydrotherapy – At least three times during a 30 day cleanse; 4 – 5 times is optimal.

Eating Plan Enhancers

1.  Lemon - Squeeze 1⁄2 lemon into 8 oz warm water first thing upon arising. The body is very acid in the morning.  The lemon alkalizes the body, balancing the PH.  Also supports liver cleansing and contributes to your suggested water intake.  May add Stevia or LoHan Natural Herb sweetners.

2.  Raw Apple Cider Vinegar – Add 1 tsp – 1 TBSP of with warm water and sip before and during meals as digestive aid – especially protein meals.  May add Stevia or Sweetlife if needed.  This alkalizes body. Adds energizing minerals. Breaks down mucous.

3.  Cultured Vegetables – A “probioitc salad” rich in enzymes, minerals and vitamins.  Great digestive aid, internal cleanser, and optimal support of the inner ecosystem. More information available on Cultured Vegetables in the Knowledge Center or at www.bodyecologydiet.com

4.  Virgin Coconut Oil – Add VCO to your eating plan and skincare routine – The therapeutic benefits are too many to list here.

5. Sea vegetables from sea or fresh water.

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